Covert Business Solutions is a private investigation firm that has years of experience in providing investigative services to insurance companies, government entities, corporate organizations, small business, attorneys and the general public. We specialize in the investigation of auto liability and worker’s compensation claims, to include first and third-party liability and commercial claims and product liability investigations. Outside of the insurance arena, we conduct “skip traces,” witness locates, litigation support to include background investigations, social media searches, asset identification, pre-employment background investigations and loss prevention or shrinkage related investigations.


In addition to liability investigations, we also provide Special Investigation Unit (SIU) services for those clients who want or need assistance in the identifying and handling of suspected fraudulent claims. We offer claim file review for any red flag indicators and complete SIU file handling. From the initial fraud referral from the claims examiner through all of the field work and interviews and filing of any mandated fraud referrals to NICB/DOI, Covert Business Solutions will be your one-stop shop for all things fraud related. In 2017, our investigations produced evidence that resulted in the withdrawal of 54 suspected fraudulent claims. 


Covert Business Solutions was first licensed as a private investigation firm in October 2004. Since its inception, the primary goal of Covert Business Solutions was to provide a wide range of specialized investigative servicesto government agencies (federal, state and local), insurance companies, third-party administrators, self-insured’s, attorneys and private parties alike.


Since obtaining licensure, Covert Business Solutions has directly worked on projects in which we represented the best interests of entities like; Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Yavapai County Developmental Services, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Arizona DES - Child Protective Services, Arizona Department of Financial Institutions, Zurich NA, GEICO, AIG, SafeCo Insurance, Fred Loya Insurance, SCF Arizona and United Parcel Service (UPS). 


In these instances, Covert Business Solutions played a vital role in the locating of assets and individuals as well as the conducting of scene investigations, first and third-party liability investigations, SIU / fraud investigations, root cause analysis, witness interviews, covert surveillance and the testifying in criminal and civil proceedings.