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Skip-Trace / Locate

Skip Traces/Locates is the art of locating the whereabouts of an individual such as birth parents/children, an old friend, a witness, a former employee or a person being sought in a legal action or someone who has fled to avoid payment of a debt or judgment.  READ MORE

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Covert Business Solutions has a staff of dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable field investigators to handle all of your liability type investigations. READ MORE


Litigation Support

Are you a law firm or attorney in need of experienced investigators to support you or your team during  litigation? Litigation support can take many shapes. At Covert Business Solutions, we understand the sensitive and urgent need for tasks to be completed expediciously during litigation. READ MORE

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Subrosa / Surveillance

There is no substitute for concrete visual evidence to document activities when they relate to persons, places or things. When there is a need for such evidence, there is no equivalent to the results achieved by Covert Business Solutions. READ MORE

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Special Investigations / SIU

Fraud takes many shapes. From the simple omission of a fact by an insured in an effort to have their questionable claim covered by an insurance company to an elaborate scheme perpetrated by a organized fraud ring. READ MORE


Mobile Fingerprinting

n Arizona, many professions require licensing through regulatory commissions and licensing boards; for example, medical, nursing and healthcare staff, realtors, mortgage and banking professionals, teachers and daycare providers just to name a few. READ MORE

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Background Investigations

Background investigations are the foundation of all of any investigations. At Covert Business Solutions, we regard Backgrounds Investigations to be among the most important investigations that can be conducted.  READ MORE

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Bosch CDR / EDR

Do you have a vehicle involved in a crash and you want to preserve the crash data? Do you need a liability or fraud  investigation to include a Bosch CDR / EDR download and don't want to pay accident reconstruction fees to get the data? READ MORE


Service of Process

Service of Process is the serving (personal delivery) of various court documents, such as a civil complaint, orders of protection,  injunctions against harassment, civil summons or subpoenas.   READ MORE